high powered laser
Perhaps the shine from eyes at night.All that to say, the light dot produced by a laser pointers likely mimics something in the feline environment of early evolution that causes them to chase it and try to catch it.  It probably high powered laser mimics some kind of food item.  Many, many years ago researchers figured out that they could isolate certain aspects of the releaser stimuli and cause the animals to behave predictably.  The most famous case is where they presented baby seagull chicks laser pointers with a red dot on a stick, causing them to beg, non stop.  The red dot high powered laser worked because seagull mothers have red dots on the end of the beaks.  A lot of animals have what are called fixed action patterns in behavior where a certain stimulus (called a releasing stimulus) causes them to behave in a certain way every single time the stimulus is presented.I can't say exactly why cats are so interested in laser pointers, per se, but I can suggest reasons why animals go particularly high powered laser crazy for certain things.  It was a very bright white ball and kind of magical looking; much more so than in color. Maybe that's why; it looks like a firefly to them. I understand that cats see in shades of gray. One day I turned my phone setting to black and white, and took pictures of my Maine coon chasing the laser pointers. The calico and the tabby sit back and watch the Maine coon cat high powered laser whip around after the red dot like she is in-sane in the mem-brane. Neither of them notice it at all, and they seem genuinely worried about the cat who does.I do not really know the answer to this question but wanted to add that it's my observation not all of them go crazy for the laser pointers. I have a black Maine coon (she has some Siamese in her), a calico, and a tabby.Now, he gets really into chasing the red dot, lowering onto his belly and crawling around before launching onto the red dot. If we make the dot disappear, he will stare intently high powered laser at our hand and laser pointers then coo like a pigeon until we make it appear again. Second, he can fulfil his need to hunt by preying on the red dot. Before we got the laser pointer, he would attack me when I wasn't paying attention and would sometimes get too rough.My cat's favourite play activity is with the laser pointers. I think it is due to it fulfilling more than 1 need. First, he feels we are paying attention to him and gets excited.